The problem with traditional broadband is that your speed is dependant upon the quality and lenght of the copper wires between the telephone exchange and your property. The solution to copper wires is Fibe Optics but coverage is very sparse!

Through a network of antenna's around Doncaster, M18, M180 and Hull. We can now provide Broadband and Leased Lines through wireless.

This is amazing technology and we are proud to be the first to offer it to Doncaster.


Wireless Broadband & Leased Lines

For the past 2 years a network of antenna's have been built around Doncaster. The network is already in Hull and along the M18 and M180 corridor and so we are proud to be able to be the first to offer this to Doncaster !!

This really is amazing technology. The problem of slow broadband and not being on Digital Region is now a thing of the past! GIve us a call or email us with your location and we can discuss the options. This is not standard broadband but a brand new technology to Doncaster.

This is not broadband down your telephone line, nor is it Digital Region, this is a BRAND NEW network built across Doncaster and we are so excited about it. Keeping it quiet has been so hard!

We appreciate that there are areas that are just unable to either get decent speeds on broadband, Digital Region or even broadband at all.

The problem with traditional broadband is that it is reliant on the quaility and distance from the exchange. So we thoughts ... why don't we just take copper wires out of the equation?

The way our service works is through the latest WiMax equipment across the region, and the network is growing! We are already in talks to expand throughout South Yorkshire.

The service is completely off the BT network and so it can even be used as a contingency internet connection to existing leased lines.