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At Lakeside IT we have engineers that have installed from single servers to the most complex WAN network and Virtualisation services.

Whether the task involves physical relocation of equipment or system upgrades or virtualisations, then let us take the strain.


IMAC services are delivered and project managed by skilled and experienced engineers. This ensures a smooth running project and are closely managed and so that each project is delivered on time and in the agreed timescales and budget.

We can arrange to do your IMAC services within normal business hours, on evenings, or at weekends!

Our IMAC Services will help you if you are:

  • Moving into new offices / Startups
  • Relocating to another location in the same building
  • Installaling new PC's or Printers
  • Rolling out new or upgrades to Hardware and/or Software
  • Rolling out equipment on a Project basis
  • Recycling equipment between Projects / Departments
  • Rebuilding or reinstalling Software Images regularly
  • Relocating employees
  • Merging, Centralising or Closing Down Offices

The service can be provided on a wide range of multivendor equipment including; servers, personal computers, laptops, printers and networking equipment. Deliverables include:

  • INSTALL - New installations including cabling, configuration, connection to the network and user training
  • MOVE - Relocation of existing equipment to new locations within existing buildings or to new premises nationwide
  • ADD - Addition of new computers, printers, copiers and servers.
  • CHANGE - Upgrade to new operating systems, configuration changes, software upgrades or new users added




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