Cloud computing/server free offices have been very popular for businesses within London over the past 4 years, so much so that the IT industry are expecting that 90% ofSME's will be in the cloud by 2015 and some major server manufacturers have already stopped building SME servers.

Lakeside IT likes to do things differently and has already got a large proportion of it's client base on cloud servers. We have our own infrstructure in one of the most advanced and secure data centres in the UK.

Why most SME's are moving to a cloud network rather than buying a new server:

  • Save at least 50% of the cost of buying a new server
  • Never worry about any server downtime or emergency upgrades ever again
  • Unlimited access to data from any Location on multiple devices
  • Never purchase a new server again (average costs for a single server for SME's within the UK is £6-£8K per server)
  • Complete disaster recovery solution included, you don't need to worry about server anti-virus/spam, data encryption or backups again.

To help understand if cloud computing is a suitable option for your business call Ashley Harris on 01302 590001 or request a demonstration.


Hosted Exchange Hosted Servers Hosted Desktops

Most clients are now moving to a totally managed hosted email server. They come with 25Gb storage and include Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam protection as standard.

Never buy another server !

Hosted servers give you the secuerity of your own dedicated servers but

The maximum return from your ICT service delivery - at a predictable, fixed costs. We will fully manage and preventatively maintain your client and server infrastructure. This inlcudes on-site support and workshop repairs.

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