The future is server-less office. You have the advantage of flexibility of not have a server on-site.

Imagine not having server hardware that you never need to upgrade or replace!

Hosted Servers & Desktops


Why even have a server ?
Imagine having a server-less office ?
Why do you even have a server ?

Things are changing and the days of having on-site servers are fading out. Many of our clients are migrating to the cloud as they are seeing the huge advantages of cloud technology.

Cloud servers and hosted desktops change the way businesses operate. With NO servers required on-site it really is the most reliable technology out there!

Cloud servers change the way we work.

No more buying a server to find that in a years time it is not capable of your businesses demand, or you bought a server more than your needs.

Cloud is elastic. What this means is that we can expand and decrease your cloud requirements as your business changes. So if your business is seasonsal then we can accomodate this change in your business for this period, and then scale it back down.

Cloud comes with huge backups and contingencies. Our own cloud has the ability to swap your server to another physical server without you even needing to know. If a server fails then it will automatcially start working on an alternative server straight away.

What disaster recovery plans do you have?

Well imagine all of your data secure and locked up in a data centre that has backup power, air conditioning, multiple internet connections but also 24 hour manned security on top of three physical layers of perimeter security.

Our cloud meets all ISO 270001 security requirements and so any concerns you have about cloud, are safe and secure on our very own platform.



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