Imagine not having server hardware that you never need to upgrade or replace desktop hardware again!

Imagine having access to your desktop from work, home or even on the move!

Hosted Desktops


Hosted desktops give your employees a truely managed and guranteed uptime and reliable solution.

Allowing access to their desktop, software and data on many devices and from any location.

Our cloud services are designed and built to provide businesses with elastic and scalabale solutions that produce operational efficiencies, improve uptime and reliabaility.

Cloud services replace any need for upfront Capital Expenditure as the whole service is managed and requires no further hardware upgrades.

Cloud servers change the way we work.

The only way to really see and appreciate how Cloud Desktops work is to arrange for either a demonstration or for our selves to come out and really show the benefits of the system.

Cloud also provides the very latest in the software. For example your entire business can upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Office when it becomes available with no additional costs.

As all of the processing of adata is done in the cloud it saves organisations from having to upgrade it's hardware or it's servers again. Old PC's can now be re-vitalised with the latest systems and faster processing times.

This has already changed our client base with comapnies connecting their London and Indian operations together.

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