Digital Region is a superfast Next Generation Fibre Optic broadband network across South Yorkshire. Funded by the FOUR councils within South Yorkshire the network truly offers high speed internet.

The cost of Digital Region offers great speeds and flexibility allowing a wide range of applications across the network.

IT and the internet in particular can bring massive benefits to any business. Broadband can help enhance your competitive edge. With Digital Region services, your staff can make greater use of the Internet to find information, improve processes, download services and applications, at the same time as using the same connection for phone calls, video conferences or backing up your data. Ultimately we help to deliver improved efficiency and customer service. Improved efficiency brings cost benefits.

With download speeds of up to 40Mb, Our super fast service has the highest speed available in the UK. Upload speeds are up to 10Mb - Ten times the speed of standard broadband. Our business "Assured" service also gives 15Mb throughput speed, giving you a dedicated broadband 'fast lane' that puts business user traffic first at times of contention, so no more slowing down late afternoon, just at the time you need to go fastest.

The benefits of Digital Region include :-

  • Unlimited downloads*
  • 91% of Evolution customer receive at least 20Mb
  • 62% of Synergy and Inferno customers receive an attainable rate of 40Mb !
  • Installation is £75 per connection

Monthly Fee




Download up to 24Mb up to 40Mb up to 40Mb


up to 2Mb up to 2Mb up to 10Mb

IP Addresses

Dynamic Static Static


* Fair useage applies