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With a team of engineers we support clients all of the country. From Aberdeen, to Doncaster, Leeds, London and Portsmouth and even In Dubai, Qatar and Switzerland!

Why Choose Lakeside IT?

We part of being a growing company we always look to improve our customer services and deliver a better solution to our clients.

We are aware that a number of our competitors do not give the truth about the number of employees they employ. This is important to ensure that they do have the resources to support you.

Why choose Lakeside IT

Quick Response - Over 94% of issues raised are resolved in the same day.

Speak to technical staff first - You'll always speak directly with an experienced consultant – someone who can help you right away.

Proactive - We proactively monitor your systems to prevent potential problems before they even arise.

Responsible - We take full ownership of your IT systems.

Trained staff - All staff are encouraged to acquire technical qualifications through a structured training program to complement thier many years of experience.

Accredited Company - We have many accreditations from different partners, many at the highest level.

Flexible - We understand the importance of keeping your business trading and perform many services at your convenience.

Competitive Pricing - Our pricing is competitive for the breadth quality of service provided.

Forward Thinking - We continue to better ourselves and understand new technology that will help to move your business forwards.

Trusted Partner - We work closely with you and recommend the right cost effective solution.


Now that you know how passionate we are about improving communication through our advanced telecoms services, why not see how we can help and provide cost savings by integrating your business telecoms, mobiles, land lines and broadband.

Call us on 01302 590000 or e-mail us at hello@lakesideit.co.uk

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