Our Passion

As a company, and as individuals, we value integrity, honesty, openness, personal excellence, constructive self-criticism, continual self-improvement, and mutual respect. We are committed to our customers and partners and have a passion for technology. We take on big challenges, and pride ourselves on seeing them through. We hold ourselves accountable to our customers, shareholders, partners, and employees by honoring our commitments, providing results, and striving for the highest quality.


Why we are different ...

We look at the problems people face in communications and look at an alternative solution.

For example by having one integrated network covering land lines, mobiles and broadband then we really can fully integrate all communications in to one system.

To our clients this means one point of contact, and one bill.

We care about our customer services so much we analyse our customer satisfaction and keep perfecting our approach.

We want to be the UK's NUMBER ONE supplier for customer satisfaction, service and price!


Now that you know how passionate we are about improving communication through our advanced telecoms services, why not see how we can help and provide cost savings by integrating your business telecoms, mobiles, land lines and broadband.

Call us on 0844 257 0711 or e-mail us at hello@lakesidetelecom.co.uk

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